Crime in Stereo – The Troubled Stateside (CD)

Crime in Stereo come forth with the same type of open-air guitars that individuals have learned to expect from the band. Tracks are relatively quick, but the effect that they will have on a listener will not disappear quite as quickly. During tracks like “I’m On The Guestlist, Motherfucker”, the band moves into the realm previously only traversed by acts like Rise Against. The guitars are still distinct, a hallmark of Crime in Stereo’s own distinct style. This is one of the shortest tracks on the tracks, and dovetails nicely with “Sudan”. The guitar lines during “Sudan” feel as if Crime in Stereo is holding themselves back from pushing as hard as they could conceivably push.

If the band really wanted to, the guitar lines would sound much more Megadeth than Yellowcard. “Abre Los Ojos” works in the same general style as “Sudan”, but has Crime in Stereo add a little Sum 41 sound to their overall style. The band slows down slightly for “Gravity/Grace”, but does not go into the realm of acts like Simple Plan. The style is pensive, but in the way that acts like Appleseed Cast are; there has been considerable thought put into this track. The multiple vocals present during this track really add another dimension to Crime in Stereo that has not been quite as present in previous tracks. “Slow Math” is far and large the stand-out track on “The Troubled Stateside”; there are equal parts emotive rock and pointed political commentary standing side to side.

Each of the songs has a high amount of cohesion present in regards to the other tracks; while there are tracks like “For Exes” that speed things up, the general tendency is for a mid-speed, punk-infused emo-rock type of song. One thing that individuals will immediately hear when listening to “The Troubled Stateside” is that Crime in Stereo kicks things up a notched with the last few tracks on the disc. This means that the band does not and will not rest on their laurels for songs like “For Exes” and “I, Stateside”; the tracks are even more able to get spirits moving. Crime in Stereo creates a blend of punk and emo that will be on all the lips of listeners for the next year; have at “The Troubled Stateside” for an album that goes one step further than the styles of acts like Rise Against and Strike Anywhere, to include the largest section of listeners while still coming up with interesting music.

Top Tracks: For Exes, Sudan

Rating: 6.3/10

Crime in Stereo – The Troubled Stateside / 2006 Nitro / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 05 April 2006


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