Cross Examination – The Hung Jury (CD)

The band plays an intense brand of thrash that takes into consideration the hardcore of acts like D.R.I. and earlier Raised Fist. The tracks blow by like nothing (with the average song lasting about a minute and a half), with the production of the disc allowing the band to sound a lot like they were playing all these songs live. Of course, the all-in choruses speak much to layering, but damned if its not like standing right in front of Cross Examination when they are blasting forth with each track on “The Hung Jury”. What results with the disc is something extraordinarily short, a brand of music that takes into consideration thrash, crust, noise, and eighties metal.

This amalgamation of different styles is something that will bring in listeners by the barrelful; there is a professional sound to this album but the band could give less of a shit about whether they win awards for the music that they commit. Their goal is to brutally assault all listeners, and they do that track ion and track out on “The Hung Jury”. The band has some serious musical talent, especially on tracks like “Mortal Kombat”. The opening to this song shows that the band can create arrangements that will blast listeners further into their seats, before going into something that repeats itself a few times before burning out bright at the end of things. The band may have guitars, drums, and bass all present during the tracks on “The Hung Jury”, but the end result is that each of the individual elements coalesce into one wall of sound that clotheslines listeners and sits on their chests until the disc ends.

When one tries to put this album alongside the other current thrash albums out, Cross Examination is at a level to challenge even Municipal Waste; the band is that good and shows that strong of a face on this disc. The band does not slow to a stop towards the end of the disc; when one listens in to a later track like “The Foodening”, individuals would not be sure whether the song begins the disc. “The Foodening” has an extended chorus that changes up the way individuals hear the album. Cross Examination never gives up with this album, and this should be seen as the foundation that the band will build on for their next releases. Pick this shit up.

Top Tracks: Kill Yourself, The Hung Jury

Rating: 7.0/10

Cross Examination – The Hung Jury / 2006 Organized Crime / 14 Tracks / / / Reviewed 02 June 2006


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