Emceethor Interview

What’s your story? How’d you fall into rap?

hmm, well i starting writing out writing alternative music such as grunge and shit but i saved it all and recently read over it and its all terrible haha but i didnt start writing rap until i figured out that i cant sing, which was about a year ago

Who are you listening to right now?

i listen to alot of wu-tang but my main influence would have to be immortal technique. i like the type of music that conveys a message.

What or who do you think will be big in the next year?

honestly, i dont pay attention to the big trends and whos big and not, id rather be underground. fuck labels.

Are your singles good in the sense that you are getting exposure, or is it bad because people that like the track will expect similar tracks in the future?

i could really care less about exposure, and i try not to write rap for the audience. i just try to express my beliefs the best way that i can and if people like it i appreciate it but if they dont…fuck em hahaha

What differences in terms of lifestyle, music, or anything are there in Alaska over other traditional breeding grounds for rap?

there isnt alot of rap in alaska, most of the people here are either rednecks or hippies. i hear alot of people saying that im stupid for doing rap or whatever but i try not to worry about it because i realize that their opinions are no better than mine, and vise versa

Are drugs/alcohol good or bad for rap or is are the presence of those things just something based out of real life?

the only drug i really take is weed, i really only do it because i like to think on a more abstract plane, and ganja helps me do that.

How have you gotten more of your fans – Myspace or traditional word of mouth? Have you noticed anything different between these types of fans?

probably myspace, im kind of socially retarded so i dont make alot of friends haha

Who else in the rap scene have you met and who is out there right now that you would like to collaborate with?

theres this kid in my town named Clancy Skipwith hes got some crazy freestyles. i definitely respect him for being able to be good at that.

How should people find your music?


What else should we know ?

dont watch television. it poisons the brain haha
Thanks for answering these questions.

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