Flower, Sun and Rain (Nintendo DS)

Flower, Sun and Rain was a Playstation 2 title that was released relatively shortly after the console was released, and was limited in scope to the Japanese market. A few years passed, and those in charge of the title thought that it would be a good fit for the Nintendo DS, which lead to staggered release dates throughout 2008 and 2009 for Japan, Europe, and North America. For those that could not speak Japanese or were not aware when the title first came out, Flower, Sun and Rain is a title that has a lot to do with the classic movie Groundhog’s Day, in that the main character Sumio Mondo has to continually relive the same fragment of time until that point when everything is made right. Mondo knows exaxtly what will happen if ey isn’t able to complete all of the tasks in time; a bomb that was placed aboard an airplane goes off, sending the plane headfirst into Lospass (the island where the game’s action takes place).

To ensure that these events do not occur, Mondo is able to learn hints and clues that can then be put through Catherine, which is a mobile lab in the sense that it can properly analyze codes strewn throughout the game. The game has higher replay value than many not only because there are additional challenges present that are external to the game, but that the story of Flower, Sun and Rain is just part of the larger storyline laid out in The Silver Case, a 1999 Playstation title that is currently receiving the same sort of upgrades that brought Flower, Sun and Rain to the Nintendo DS.

The rich storyline allows players to consider exactly what happens to Peter, as a reveal changes considerably what players previously thought of eir. Both the story and the game play can be taken in any number of directions, while confidence is built up through the countless successes that this title can claim. Finally, the incidental music (much of which is based off of the works of classical composers like Satie, Debussy, and Bach) further provides fuel to the rich experience that one will have if they purchase the game.

Rating: 8.4/10

Flower, Sun and Rain (Nintendo DS) / 2009 Xseed / http://www.xseedgames.com

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