Jose Cuervo Black Medallion (80 Proof)

This is one dark tequila. This is due to the fact that the spirit has been aged in oak barrels in much the same way as whiskey, imbuing all aspects of the Black Medallion with a smoky timbre that sets it off from all other tequilas on the market. The first experience beyond simply seeing the Jose Cuervo Black Medallion will be when one cracks open the bottle; the earthy, smoky smell of the oak barrel aging process dwarves that of the “typical” tequila smell. When individuals get their first go at the Black Medallion, the taste of the spirit yields such complexity and intricacies that one mere sip will not be enough to fully understand what Diageo has intended to do with the Black Medallion.

I would even think that individuals that may not typically be fans of tequila would do well to test out the Black Medallion. This is due to its unique flavor, which will blindside anyone that comes into a bottle of the spirit expecting a specific set of quantities. Where I usually have some sort of suggestion for what drinkers should attempt to do with the spirit in question, I would have to urge you all to test out your own experiments and see exactly what works out.

I had some luck attempting to replace the whiskey components in a number of drinks with the Black Medallion, but I would think that this spirit would do even better in whatever your favorite tequila drink may be. The spirit has been out for a few years now, but I fear that most individuals have not ventured to try it: whenever you can scratch enough in the way of cash, go to your local store (which should have it) and buy a Black Medallion.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jose Cuervo Black Medallion (80 Proof) / Tequila /

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