Kenny Young – The Kenny Young Project (CD)

“Krazy” is a bit of strong guitar-driven rock-infused music that takes on all genres and musical styles equally. This means that there are hints of hard rock and even alternative placed alongside the dominant rock/country mélange that first hits listeners. “Krazy” is destined for radio rotation; with high energy and Young following on a musical tradition that goes all the way back to Cat Stevens and Jackson Browne, the track is destined to succeed. The production of “Krazy” further highlights Young’s incredible talent, showcasing the sizzling guitar work perhaps brightest of all. “Waiting” has a much slower tempo than “Krazy”, but this track succeeds similarly.

The guitar, while still impressive here, takes a step back and allows Young’s narrative talents to come through. On the instrumental side of things, other elements – percussion in particular – take up some of the slack presented by the reduced role of the guitar and make for a great track. While still having hints of a country influence here during “Waiting”, Young takes on a swath of influences that showcase a love for Bryan Adams and John Mellencamp. Where the track will not immediately snag listeners in the way that “Krazy” did, I feel that the song will garner more plays as listeners explore the intricacies present during this track.

“Carousel” gives listeners a number of second of wonderfully-orchestrated guitar work before Young’s vocals assume a classic country tone. “Carousel” takes the strengths of both “Krazy” and “Waiting” in that there are stellar instrumental and vocal sides working together to make yet another solid track.
“We Will Find Love Again” is the track that will stoke fires in listeners’ hearts, with a sound that will ensure that listeners eagerly await Young’s upcoming full-length and try to see whether it is possible to see Young live.

Throughout all of “The Kenny Young Project”, there is not anything that could be seen as weak: what is here is a set of music that is fulfilling, fun, and technically sound and will ultimately stick in listeners’ CD players for the entirety of the summer (and likely fall too!)

Top Track: Krazy

Rating: 8.3/10

Kenny Young – The Kenny Young Project / 2009 Tommy Naples Project / 4 Tracks /

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