Play The Angel – S/T EP (CD)

“Indestructible” showcases Play The Angel as an act that can shoot between rock, emo, punk, and hard rock in the course of just a few seconds. The act has a sound that is similar to what other bands have placed on the radio in the last few years, but Play The Angel look to increase the odds significantly. After listeners take in just one of the five cuts on the self-titled EP, they will begin to understand that Play The Angel is a better band, regardless of whether one looks at sheer ability, overall sound, or the authority that each member has in crafting their own distinct line here. “You And Me” is the track that will hammer home the fact that Play The Angel can make a track that pulls on listeners’ heartstrings without seeming overly sappy or pitiful; Simple Plan they are not. The vocals here are smooth as butter, soaring over the track effortlessly.

The guitars, drums, and bass do not fade into the mists here; they join together to provide listeners with a unique experience. I personally have not heard much in the way of music that can be said to truly be revolutionary; I feel that “You And Me” will represent a blueprint for future music in much the same way that Creed’s “My Own Prison” set the stage for 2000s rock. “Ready or Not” ensures that Play The Angel will not paint themselves into a corner.
There is a sort of electronic present to this track that skirts them close to an MSI sound, but at no point does this new influence detract from the wonderfully unique sound that they have cultivated through this EP. “Tears Are Falling” ties together a quick tempo with a funkiness that will attract fans of 3!OH3 or even A Skylit Drive. 5 tracks are all that is necessary for Play The Angel to showcase all of their skills; I have little doubt in my head that any upcoming full-lengths will simply have the act step up their game that much further. Check them out today!

Top Tracks: Indestructible, Ready or Not

Rating: 8.6/10

Play The Angel – S/T EP / 2009 Self / 5 Tracks / /

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3 thoughts on “Play The Angel – S/T EP (CD)”

  1. I found these guys through hitlab a few days ago so I was looking them up and landed on this review, cool … The tracks are worth checking out, my fav is ready or not though one of the live clips I saw was of Indestructible and that song kicks too.

  2. WOW! i just stumbled on this review cause i thought the name was cool! Ive been listening to the myspace non-stop!! like Rocker Soup said Ready or not is awesome but the softer side really gets to me.. songs like You and Me, Don’t Follow and even So long which i couldnt find on itunes… whats up with that? either way… great band, cant wait to hear more tunes.

  3. Play The Angel is definitely my musical discovery of the year ! Good review ! Now we just have to wait for the full album. My top tracks are Ready or Not and Indestructible.

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