The Clock Work Army – A Catalyst For Change (CD)

The Clock Work Army is an interesting band. The band is able to create a distinct style that is still very salient and catchy for the current era. The band is able to throw in a dance-punk backing beat (mainly drums) with a strong female voice and alternative-infused, swirling guitar eddies. There are only five tracks on “A Catalyst For Change” but the band confidently crafts their own sound here. The disc is about twenty minutes long, and by the end of the final track (“Supplemental Love”), individuals will be able to distinguish The Clock Work Army from the rest of the acts on the market.

On a track like “The Day We Woke Up Without Mouths” (which is only three and a fourth minutes), The Clock Work Army is able to switch styles five or six times and yet still make a strong case for themselves. The beginning of a track like “Can’t Hold It Down” should remind listeners of an early Cure, while the thoughtful compositions and the interplay between the guitars and drums on the track are great and without any real comparisons.

The band is able to craft track after track on this EP that are easily as memorable as some of the best bands of the period. The aforementioned “Can’t Hold It Down” rivals The Killers for sheer fullness of composition, for example. “Read Me A Story” goes back a few years to come up with a sound that feels like it I coming from the twenties, as well as tying themselves to the current by tapping into much of the same style as an act like The Dresden Dolls during their “Coin-Operated Boy”. The disc ends with a much slower track than any of the other songs on the disc would suggest. The sad, somber sound of “Supplemental Love” keeps some of the same vintage sound as a track like “Read Me A Story”, but inserts a ghostly, haunting set of vocals that stick with listeners much longer tha the disc will run for. The Clock Work Army throw together a number of styles on “A Catalyst For Change” and make them stick; the band has talent beyond their years and I know that I would like to hear more from them (perhaps an LP) in the years to come. Check them out if you are a fan of eclectic and thoughtful music; The Clock Work Army will satisfy for sure.

Top Track: Can’t Hold Me Down

Rating: 6.3/10

The Clock Work Army – A Catalyst For Change / 2006 Banter / 5 Tracks / / / Reviewed 30 September 2006


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