The Delfields release “Ogres” on August 18, 2009!

A presence since early 2006, The Delfields have been altering the musical landscape in New Jersey for almost four years. In their hometown of New Brunswick, the term “indie” is used loosely to describe anything which doesn’t smack of the town’s long love affair with metal, punk, and more recently emo. This makes The Delfields’ self-proclaimed categorization of indie pop virtually non-existent.

Joseph Fekete, lead singer and principal songwriter met twin brothers Ryan and Kyle Shook while teaching guitar at Lou Rose Music Center. Introduced to the brothers by former guitarist Allen Meretsky, they began playing regularly and recording what would eventually become the full-length album Ogres, inspired by the bittersweet outcome of a series of relationships gone awry. Driven by a constant focus on melody and texture, the band creates an ethereal and hazy pop wall of sound. The tight rhythm section doubles as a melodic counterpoint for calculated guitars and keyboards. The instrumentals set the perfect stage for soaring melodies comprised of tapestries of abstract yet vivid lyrics. Paying no heed to the state of current indie music, The Delfields are not swayed by popular trends and look to their past to create their unique sound. Recorded entirely on a 1/2” 8-track tape machine, hints of The Beach Boys, The Smiths, Talulah Gosh and The Ventures float through the album.

Recently, The Delfields completed a music video (directed by Will Kauffman) for single and title track “Ogres”. The surrealistic feeling of the video complements the helter-skelter melody and dreamy vocals, capturing the essence of Fekete’s lyrics. Ogres is an impressive first outing for a band who will raise the bar not only for themselves, but for New Jersey music as a whole.

Track List

1. A Slippery Slope
2. Honest
3. Francine
4. Short Sleeves
5. Ogres
6. Solvents and Vacuums
7. Our Beds
8. Fawn Fight
9. Highlands

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