The Mighty Boosh (DVD)

While I have heard bits and pieces about The Mighty Boosh before its initial American run on Adult Swim, I must admit I was by no means familiar with the show. Most American viewers will know the show from this run, as it really represents the pinnacle of post-2000 British comedy. While shows like Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Look Around You were shown first on American television, I feel as if there is more of a story and more laugh out loud moments here than were present in either of these shows.

This DVD chronicles the first UK season of the show, while there are other releases simultaneously released that cover the other two seasons of the show’s run. This season showcases Vince (Noel Fielding) and Howard (Julian Barratt) as two helpers at a zoo. Rounding out the cast for this season are the owner of the Zooniverse, Dixon Bainbridge (Richard Ayoade), the shaman Naboo (Michael Fielding), and the inept, perverse lackey of Bainbridge, Bob Fossil (Rich Fulcher. The eight episodes present use the Zooniverse for some scenes, but Vince and Howard make it out to the Arctic (Tundra), The Zoo For Animal Offenders (Hitcher), and Monkey Hell (Bollo). The episodes do a great job at showcasing the ineptness of the main characters; where it seems at some points that Howard is the smarter one, certain happenings and situations showcase that much of eir intellect is as much of a sham as Vince’s outward appearance.

Warner / BBC Video have added a number of different features for individuals to chew on here, whether it be the commentaries laid down for a good half of the episodes by Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher, and Julian Barratt, the different music and outtakes that are present, or even the history behind the creation of the show in the first place. Make sure to pick this DVD set up before watching the second and third seasons of the show; while there are not the connections present between the seasons as are present in a number of shows, it is interesting to see how the show evolved and changed over the years.

Rating: 9.4/10

The Mighty Boosh (DVD) / 2009 BBC Video / 224 Minutes /

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