This Is A Shakedown – Love Kills (CD)

It seems that 2009 may just be the year of Ohio bands breaking it big. Where Bobaflex first flexed their muscles on a national stage years ago, this year, both Kid Cudi and This Is A Shakedown look poised to make some major splashes in their respective genres. “Radio” starts off with solid interplay between the guitar and drums, while the vocals fit in to the mix in a way that links together Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, and MSI. The band creates tension before the chorus, opening things up into a more modern Orgy type of sound. “Circles” brings the industrial to “Love Kills”, but the members of This Is A Shakedown here are able to imbue the track with a funkiness that does not go away.

Throw in a little bit of U2 and The Network to what has previously been listed, and This Is A Shakedown has another track that could conceivably be a single. Of all of the tracks on “Love Kills”, I believe that This Is A Shakedown hits hardest with their “Can’t Stop”. First off, the chorus iis something that will be unable to be removed from listeners’ heads for up to months after they put down this album. Secondly, the band is able to add just enough in the way of goth and ethereal elements to keep the track fresh, while the vocals here are able to soar over the rest of the track and really make a definitive statement about the quality of the band.

“Comeandcutmyheartout” brings back the eighties in a major way, with a sequenced opening and falsetto vocals being dominant here. As the vocals gain timber and energy, the intensity of This Is A Shakedown continues to be moderated by this slinkier type of sound. When this intensity finally breaks, what results is a funky, dance type of track in a current Good Charlotte type of vein. This Is A Shakedown comes out with a different type of sound on “Love Kills”, and I believe that the band can bank on this different sound. If you like any of the bands listed above, I feel that you will dig This Is A Shakedown.

Top Tracks: You Make Me Wanna, Electric Sound

Rating: 7.5/10

This Is A Shakedown – Love Kills / 2009 Reversed Image Unlimited / 11 Tracks /

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