Tiger Woods PGA 10 (PS3)

I have never been a big fan of watching golf, but the games that have been released in the Tiger Woods PGA line have been something special. The amount of specificity that is present in this title, and especially the latest title, are far beyond compare both in regards to golf and general sports titles. Where a number of the different sports titles only make minor changes in-between the different releases in a line, EA has taken a number of additional steps to ensure that this will be a title that resides in your PS3 for the longest possible time.

First off, the selection of different courses is superb, giving players the ability to cut it up on 16 different courses. This is bolstered by the ability to pit one’s skills in an online setting, but do not let that seem as if the single player version of the title is nothing less than excellent. Take for example the Tournament Challenge, which will be quite the boon for fans of the sport. This means that some of the most tense and brilliant moments ever encountered in the PGA are brought forth for players to pit their skill against. Perhaps the most interesting presence in the game would have to be the real-time weather that players will encounter: if the weather is particularly poor at one of the game’s real life course counterparts, the round will be contested under that reality.

Perhaps the hardest challenge of the game has to be going up against Tiger with one of the games’ other golfers. It is really a testament to Tiger’s own intense skill as well as being a litmus test for exactly how talented the player in question is. Finally, the fact that a player’s skill set increases or decreases based on the number of rounds before the current one speaks volumes to a more realistic experience than would normally be present in a sports simulation. As always, the graphics are cutting edge, while the atmospheric sounds here are as realistic as possible. So, while this is the latest effort in the Tiger Woods PGA line, make any effort to pick up this title. If this is an indication about what subsequent titles in the Tiger Woods line will bring in terms of advancements.

Rating: 9.1/10

Tiger Woods PGA 10 (PS3) / 2009 EA / http://www.easports.com

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