Trevor Horn and Friends: Slaves to Rhythm (DVD)

I have to admit, I had not heard of Trevor Horn before popping this DVD into my player. Turns out, ey was the co-writer for “Kiss From A Rose”, Seal’s hit, along with being associated with acts like The Buggles, Art of Noise, and Yes. This DVD links together Horn’s tremendous skill with a number of eir friends, in a list that includes the Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones, Seal, Yes, and even Belle & Sebastian. The show was captured by LiveNation, ensuring that the quality of audio and video here is nothing less than stunning.

The different shots of the crowd and of the performers really gives some semblance of exactly how large an event “Slaves To Rhythm” was. The length of the performance is solid, showing a variety of different styles, genres, and approaches that will impress all. Where there is decidedly a pop-heavy feel to things, there are deceptively deep arrangements to be had here. When viewers get done watching this concert, the amount of bonus features here will ensure that the disc sticks in DVD players throughout the United States. Most important of these featurettes would be the behind the scenes documentary that showcased exactly how much work it was to coordinate the different elements that were present.

The music player feature gives viewers the ability to put the DVD on and clean up the house or have a pretty popping type of party, while yet another bonus gets into the heads of Frankie Goes To Hollywood as they attempt to find a new crown jewel to their act – a lead singer. MVD has really outdone themselves on this DVD, and regardless of whether potential purchasers have heard of Trevor Horn before, I feel that there will be something eminently enjoyable present on this release. Pick it up at Amazon or a local music store today.

Rating: 7.3/10

Trevor Horn and Friends: Slaves to Rhythm (DVD) / 2009 MVD / 170 Minutes /

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