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DARK AGE – AFM recently inked a deal with Hamburg, Germany-based melodic death metallers DARK AGE. Commented the band on their official MySpace page: “We are really looking forward to working hand in hand with this renowned label!” The as yet untitled full-length is slated for a Fall 2009 release. DARK AGE entered Eikey Studio, owned by vocalist/guitarist Eike Freese, in May. “You can expect the typical DARK AGE melodies and some surprises in our sound as well, mainly because every band member was involved in the songwriting [more so] than ever before.” For fans of In Flames, Soilwork, Machine Head and Metallica. More info TBA….


The New Black
Recently signed to AFM, THE NEW BLACK released their self-titled debut in June. Featuring former members of Sinner, Runamok, Abandoned and Paradox, THE NEW BLACK play rock. Real rock; real heavy with all the requisite hooks, leads and riffs galore. Singer Fludid has been compared to “Zakk Wylde, James Hetfield and Phil Anselmo” (Rock Hard) and “sometimes even Mike Patton in a ‘sane’ state of mind” (Metal Hammer). The screams, the roaring, the harmonies, they’re all there, but most importantly, the guy can actually sing. Add to this shredding guitars, a well-developed sense of melody and a professional work ethic, and you get a solid piece of metallic rock. Fans of Thin Lizzy and Black Label Society, beware. Said Canada’s BW&BK magazine : “[This is] The Real Thing as opposed to the often disposable Next Big Thing. THE NEW BLACK makes it on sheer over-the-top delivery and very obvious love for the simple rock-driven life.” Germany’s Guitar took note of the “assured sense of style and passion,” while Metal Hammer simply stated: “Whoever said that bands can’t form their own sound anymore these days, should listen to this – and then shut up!” In Related News: Various US and European radio stations picked up on THE NEW BLACK, and the band — unsigned at the time — was asked to write the title track for an American road movie called Ballad Of Broken Angels. Check out the video of the same name here:

The band is currently working on a clip for “More Than A Man.” Explained the band, “it’s a little tune about temptation and that funny feeling you get when… well, you know what we mean. And we like what we’re seeing so far. Given the subject matter, the video has to have some serious ‘hotness’ in it. And it will. The band needs to be in there, too, at some point. Even in the same scenes as the ‘hotness.’ So someone had to do it, and Fludid, er, stood up for the team and did.” Check out some of the screen shots here:

The model’s name is “Lucky Charm” from Rockstar Sessions
[ – a rock & roll model agency) and according to the band, “she rules.”

The band is confirmed for several upcoming festivals in Germany this year including Summer Breeze! If you happen to be traveling overseas, don’t miss them!

THE NEW BLACK Festival Dates

8/29/2009 Wacken Rocks South – D-Rieden/Kreuth
10/16/2009 B̦rsencrash-Festival РD-Wuppertal
10/23/2009 Sundown-Festival – D-Gaildorf
12/12/2009 L.A. Eventhalle – D-Cham

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