Alan Cohen Experience MP3 of The Beatles’ “Your Mother Should Know” Now Available for Download on The Beatles Complete on Ukulele

Go to to download “Your Mother Should Know” and read producers’ Roger Greenawalt and David Barratt’s interpretation of the song. “Roger and Dave say, Your Mother Should Not Know. Don’t trust her. Don’t tell her a thing. She can and will use it against you.”

Alan Cohen Experience is a musician, talk show host, and painter who used to do mainly self-portraits, but now focuses on walls and windows. He once found the meaning of life when looking for cream cheese in the refrigerator. Sometimes he gets bored and re-arranges his room, although he feels that his current deco is severely lacking in fen shui. He has heard great stories about Toni Morrison, John Mayer, and Michael Jackson (R.I.P.), and is saddened that they don’t intersect.

Alan Cohen Experience is releasing a new album (produced by Roger Greenawalt) in November, although he wants you to know that you can hear (and download free) some songs from it over at The album is called “Eat the Peace”. Seth Kroll is a maverick video director that has driven three times to Buffalo to get wings and has been known to lock himself in precarious rooms for a variety of reasons. He wants you to know that blonds are his “thing”, but only in reference to dogs.

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