Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes – 10,000 Things (CD)

“So Much Better” is a song that ties together rock and alternative music in a way that touches upon the work of Edwyn McCain, The Eagles, and even early (“A Boy Named Goo”-era Goo Goo Dolls). The production of “So Much Better” is important due to the openness that it allows. Each instrument is able to shine, while there is a warmth to the compositions here that will make it honestly seem as if the listener is in the studio with Grey and the Dunes.

“Rock Bottom” deftly links together the alternative/rock hybrid sound of “So Much Better” with a timeless instrumentation that brings in hints of the seventies. Each track on the album is great not only because the band is that damn good, but because they are so spontaneous. “I Want The World” is a delightful pop track that flips the script and showcases a grittier side of the act, while “Out of Control” is a much more sedate type of composition. Grey’s vocals shine through this track, running the gamut between Macy Grey, Shirley Manson, and even Lita Ford.

The instrumentation does not slack off here, either: the guitars and percussion ebb and flow in perfect harmony with Grey’s vocals. “Bad Emotion” is a special track for me on “10,000 Things”, as it further establishes the harder side of the act that was first explored during “I Want The World”. What comes forth during this cut sound-wise is akin to The Runaways meeting Aerosmith; it is a track that will be bouncing around my head for weeks after I’ve last listened to the disc. What “I Want The World” does in regard to the harder side of the band, “Absolute” does for their softer and more intricate side. Without anything in the way of weakness present on “10,000 Things”, I feel that the band has shown themselves well here. However, I would like to hear where the band ultimately decides to go with their follow-up to “10,000 Things”. Here’s to hoping they enjoy the best of success.

Top Tracks: I Want The World, Absolute

Rating: 8.3/10

Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes – 10,000 Things / 2009 Self / 12 Tracks /

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