Curl up and die-the only good bug is a dead bug (CD)

2000, 5 piece band from Nevada (Las Vegas). Very hard rock in the vein of old Alice in Chains, Clutch, and Helmet. The vocals are influenced by black metal acts such as Venom, Six Feet Under, and Cannibal Corpse. The drums are reminiscent of Bad Religion and Pennywise while the guitars mix between Elliot Smith and Guns n Roses. All & All, a very bizarre mix of components that work a great deal better then one would think if they only read it on paper. Like most bands I review, it is most nearly impossible to understand a single word they say, but unlike most, Curl Up And Die includes a lyrics sheet for my enjoyment. During a few songs of theirs, they include confusing sound clips from movies I have never seen. Curl Up And Die seems to be an up and coming band, and hopefully we will see these guys in Metal Edge or Kerrang!. For only being in the studio two days (April 8&9 2000) the album sounds amazingly clear, and remarkably well produced. “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Select Start” has one of the better bass solos I’ve heard in a decently long time. “Proclaimed Bat Hunter” has a more Korn/Fear Factory drumbeat o it. This music, I’ve figured out is a son of the marriage of an effeminate emo guy and a butch 300-lb woman, but it works weel. For what I can tell, almost all of Curl Up And Die’s lyrics are about losing loves, with the most opposite music aiding it in the metal they play. It would be interesting to see this band live, as a picture that I have looking like 5 normal guys. And best of all, these guys have a secret track at the end of this CD, which is one of the coolest thing a band can do with a 20-30 minute CD. “You Will Live”, or whatever the secret track is, is one of the best songs on the disc. Email them at, go to, or write them at 10121 Jacob Place #204, Las Vegas NV 89144.


Curl up and die-the only good bug is a dead bug

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