Dewar’s 18 (80 Proof)

We here at NeuFutur have had the chance to try a few types of scotch in the time since we first began the alcohol section; Dewar’s 18 is the first that we have decided to cover. The presentation is what will immediately strike potential purchasers, as the spirit itself comes in a lavish box; after this box is opened, the rich amber color of the spirit comes out. After opening the bottle, vanilla and butterscotch are present, most as hints rather than as overbearing, omnipresent types of smells. The initial sip of the Dewar’s 18 yields a robust flavor that sticks with one long after the session has finished up; while a nice burn is present, any alcoholic bite seems to be seriously moderated. While the Dewar’s 18 may stick with individuals, this does not mean that there is any untoward heaviness present. Rather, the touch that the 18 puts on is light and long-lasting.

Dewar’s, and especially their D18, are the types of spirits that should be reserved for dignified occasions; there just seems to be a gravity, a pomp and circumstance that is present when someone brings out the bottle. This does not mean that the spirit is overly difficult or not enjoyable, but rather that the complexity and allure of the spirit commend a higher position in the liquor cabinet than other scotches. The variety of different Scotches in the creation of the Dewar’s 18 are what provide the spirit with this depth and complexity, without creating dissonant structures or anything that would provide the slightest dislike for anyone lucky enough to stumble upon a bottle.

While the manufacturer’s suggest retail puts a bottle of the Dewar’s 18 at about $80, intrepid purchasers will be able to cut about 25% off of that price. Regardless of what individuals will be able to find, however, the Dewar’s 18 is a spirit that needs to be tasted, no matter how much the imbiber found themselves to be a fan of scotch in the past.

Rating: 9.4/10

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