Ecstatic Peace’s WAND Preps US Tour!

Sat 8/8/09- Sneaky Dee’s Toronto ON w/Woods
Sun 8/9/09- Green Room Montreal QC
Tue 8/11/09- Rock and Roll Hotel Washington DC w/Akron Family
Wed 8/12/09- Cat’s Cradle Carrboro NC w/Akron Family
Thu 8/13/09- E.A.R.L. Atlanta GA w/Akron Family
Fri 8/14/09- The Bottletree Birmingham AL w/Akron Family

‘Hard Knox’
OUT NOW on Ecstatic Peace!
Wand cover
Track Listing:
1. Arriving
2. Chrome
3. Lady of Situations
4. Eyes
5. Saturday Delivery
6. Blamelessness
7. All The Generous Men
8. Trails
9. Urchins
10. Dead of Nights
11. Dark is Blending
12. The Drag Pit
13. Death Dealer Blues
14. Soldier Movies (For Larry McMurtry)

“These lo-fi hymns succeed because they’re highly listenable. The collection’s direct, unadorned, honest, idiosyncratic. Like neo-folk’s most interesting players (Banhart, Ben Chasny, Joanna Newsom), Toth sounds more like his precursors than his contemporaries, and very much like himself.”
Brandon Stosuy, Pitchfork

“This collection’s six-year recording history is belied by the cohesiveness of the tracks. It may as well be Wand’s first proper album but then again, who knows what his next move might be?”
FoF vol 1 press

or, “Are You Sure Hank Jr. Done it This Way?”

To quickly address the elephant in the room – certainly, collections of demos, outtakes and home recordings are mostly bogus, but obviously you’re reading this, so obviously I’ve somehow been coerced into releasing this batch of tunes, and you’ve bought it or stolen it or borrowed it or gotten a promo or whatever, so let’s cut to the chase. In my defense, all of the cuts contained herein are ‘songs’ in the traditional western sense – my experiments in “surf harmonica” and “doom zydeco” will not be chronicled here, deep and plentiful as those archives may be.

Everything here was recorded by me on either a Roland BR-8 digital 8-track or it’s flashier, more cosmopolitan cousin, the BR- 1600, with incalculable assistance from Jexie Lynn, who accompanies me on many of these songs and who’s encouragement and creativity allowed many of them to be. Most of the recordings were done at my then-home in beautiful Knoxville, TN between October 2002 and January of 2007, just prior to the retirement of the Wooden Wand name. You’ve already pardoned the narcissism, now pardon the cliché: I stand behind these songs as snapshots” and enjoy them despite their many flaws. I hope you do, too.

The Wand
Nashville, TN
Winter 2007

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