Eulogy Recordings is very proud to announce the signing of Buffalo’s straight edge monster RHINOCEROS. They will be touring Europe with label mates Kingdom starting July 28. They will record their Eulogy debut late September. A new track called “They Are Coming For Me” has been posted on the bands Myspace which can be heard here

Vocalist Joe Riverside commented “I have personally been a fan of Eulogy and a lot of Eulogy releases for many years now. I’m very stoked to now be a part of a roster of bands that seem to get bigger and better. We are looking forward to be involved with a hardcore label that will work as hard for us as we will for them. I think a Label like Eulogy is where a band with our work ethic belongs.”

Eulogy owner John Wylie added, “Rhinoceros is a no nonsense, straight forward hardcore band that we are proud to have as part of Eulogy now. We are confident that the new album will be one of the top of this genre of the past few years.”

Immovable, skin like armor…a rolling juggernaut, RHINOCEROS, Buffalo’s straight edge monster could NOT be more aptly named. They are a force unto themselves. Sonically and stylistically nothing short of pulverizing. There is no need for them to carve out a small niche for themselves within straight edge hardcore or the broader scene of hardcore because Rhinoceros is going to change the nature of the game. Stylistically, reminiscent of early Madball with touches of 100 Demons, Rhinoceros does not fall into the trap of just borrowing from their influences, but rather etching out their own place within hardcore and straight edge.
Rhinoceros formed in May 2006. They are highly influenced by Judge, Earth Crisis and Crowbar. Their resume includes a demo, soon after they hit the road for a summer tour with Suffocate Faster, released “Honor Among Thieves” in early 2007, toured the US countless times throughout 2007-2008, released a 5 song EP in August of 2008, recorded a split with Suicide Pact for Cincinnati, Ohio in December of 2008 then toured Mexico and the mid-west in mid 2009. They will be on a month long trip hitting Europe this August 2009 with label mates Kingdom. They will record their Eulogy debut release in late September.

Aaron King – drums
Joe Riverside – vocals
Ian Pless – bass
Greg Styliadas – guitar
Cory Krusaz – guitar


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