Fetzer 2008 Riesling (Wine)

After some shaky starts to the wine section of the alcohol review category, I find that my own experiences with wines in the last few months have been overwhelmingly positive. Given a chance with the 2008 Fetzer Riesling, I am pleased to report that this string of positive experience has continued. The first thing that I can say about the Fetzer Riesling is that the darker bottle is beyond brilliant; I understand the need to showcase the wine itself, but one has to keep in mind the harmful effects of light and other environmental features. The brown bottle lessens the chance of this happening, with the unique cork further lessening the chance that something may go awry.

This Riesling needs to be at the top of its game, as it may just be the best Riesling that I’ve had. While it would still be great if it was improperly stored, I feel that all the stars have aligned for this bottle. The nose that comes forth after uncorking the bottle is very fruity, linking together a more acidic fruit note with something much more sweet. The light yellow of this Riesling is inviting, but the first sip is even more so: while there is a light alcohol bite to this wine, the fruit side of things comes forth in a strong and confident way. The natural feel of this wine will have tasters feel as if they are taking up a pear’s juice, while hints of a more citrus-based fruit come forth at points.

While this wine is eminently drinkable, a quick journey over to the Fetzer website will provide countless ideas for purchasers. Of particular note of these recipes would have to be the Pear Tart that is created using the Fetzer Riesling, but my interest is piqued with a Chicken Sate dish that uses the wine. I’d have to throw In my own recipe, as well: instead of using only water in a Jell-O concoction, put in a little bit of this Riesling. You will definitely enjoy it, and at under $10, so will your wallet.

Rating: 8.9/10

Fetzer 2008 Riesling (Wine) / http://www.fetzer.com

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