Hope: The Alzheimer’s Project (3 DVD Set)

Alzheimer’s Disease is one of those diseases that is increasingly prevalent in the United States, especially considering that the Baby Boomer generation is rapidly getting older. To showcase exactly how prevalent this issue is becoming, HBO Documentary Films and the National Institute on Aging (as well as many others) have put together this set of documentaries, which look to probe every side of this unfortunate disease. This 3-DVD set comes with four distinct documentaries – “The Memory Loss Tapes”, “Caregivers”, “Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?”, and “Momentum In Science” – and a number of additional features.

This means that for those teachers and professors that wish to put a more educational spin on things than would normally be present during the documentary, there is a feature – “The Supplementary Series”, an addition to the Momentum in Science documentary that breaks down in tremendous detail each of the distinct sections present in Momentum in Science. The guide that is present also in this package clues readers in further what is exactly broached during each of the different parts. “The Memory Loss Tapes” showcases in detail the different effects that Alzheimer’s has on individuals with the disease, while both “Caregivers” and “Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?” looks at the effects that the disease has on an extended family of an individual afflicted with the disease. Where each f the previous parts of the documentary seem to be on a slightly depressing note, “Momentum In Science” showcases the hope that is present in the title.

This is because, even with all the information that is not known at this point about the disease, that there have been a number fo different advancements made in the last ten or twenty years in regards to fixing the disease. With a large segment of the populace hit by the disease, either direct or not, I feel that this DVD set is important to purchase. At a very approachable price point (about $25), there is no reason that potential viewers should not pick up this title. If you are wondering about the quality of the show, check out the HBO site and see exactly what is to be expected.

Rating: 9.0/10

Hope: The Alzheimer’s Project (3 DVD Set) / 2009 HBO / 533 Minutes / http://www.hbo.com

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