Jagermeister (70 Proof)

Being in a college setting for a number of years, it is not surprising that I am somewhat familiar with Jagermeister. The amount of inroads that it has made in the last decade or so into the collective consciousness of the average American adult is astonishing, considering no other of its kin (herbal-based liqueurs or even similar-tasting spirits) have sales numbers that even come close to Jagermeister. If you have not had the opportunity to have Jagermeister, I would have to say to bone up in terms of learning what the liqueur tastes like and even how its viscosity compares to that of other, more common spirits. After purchase, ensure that the bottle of Jagermeister that you have selected is cold, and take a whiff of the cap – better to be cautious rather than to go in full-bore and regret buying the bottle.

The liquorish and anise notes here are fairly mild, coming off warm no matter how cold individuals may have chilled the purchase. Initiating oneself thusly will ensure a better experience, and make what one remembers of the night all the better. The way many will know Jagermeister is through shots; learning about the thicker nature of the liqueur is integral. Jagermeister is not similar in substance to tequila or vodka; one would have to go out towards Sambucas and Ouzas to get a familiar taste. A shot of Jager will be for many drinking a divine elixir; the sweetness of the spirit moderates the burn in a way that few spirits or liqueurs can.

The heaviness of Jagermeister gives a further covering to block any alcoholic bite that may be present in later drinks, be they Jagermeister or some other spirit. The “Jager bomb” is well known, but there are a bevy of mixed drinks that can be crafted using Jager and mixers; a “Killer Bee” mixes equal parts Jagermeister and Barenjager, while a “Purple Nipple” links Jager, Midori, orange and cranberry juice. Jagermeister need not be only a college drink, nor should it be seen as a serving a singular purpose. Buy a bottle today and see what exactly you have been missing.

Rating: 8.6/10

Jagermeister (70 Proof) / Liqueur / http://www.jagermeister.com

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