Jim Breuer – Let’s Clear The Air (CD)

Few comedians are really able to go forth and really keep their material fresh over the period that Jim Breuer has. I must admit that I was not too familiar with eir work pre-SNL, but there has been some serious evolution of Breuer’s style over the course of about fifteen years. The great thing about this special is that it seems as if Comedy Central, the audience, and Breuer eirself are really hitting on all cylinders. This means that there are a number of poignant discussions about where exactly life has taken eir, the changes from young to old, and Breuer still has time to reprise some of eir best known skits.

This means that there’s a brief recalling of Goat Boy as well as the AC/DC bit that is further tweaked in a way that unties a number of distinct parts touched upon during this stand-up. Of course, each of the different narratives and jokes that Jim tells are properly captured by the audio and video setup from Comedy Central; the blend of crowd and close-up shots gives further emphasis to exactly how versatile a comic Breuer is. I feel that the choice of different comedians that Comedy Central is providing viewers (and listeners on their audio imprint) is really a comprehensive list of those that are, those that will be, and even those legends that transcend the stage.

In the next year, I hope to hear more from Breuer’s twisted mind, Comedy Central more generally, and see exactly what divergences and unities that the two share. Regardless, there is little on this special that feels rote or old; where a number of comedy specials do not hold up to repeat viewings, Let’s Clear The Air can be enjoyed countless times. If you are a fan of Breuer’s work, give “Let’s Clear The Air” a view and see exactly when ey comes to your neck of the woods.

Rating: 7.4/10

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