Prosthetic Records Signs Holy Grail

Prosthetic Records has signed Los Angeles based Holy Grail. The band, formerly known as Sorcerer, features three former members of White Wizzard and takes their influence from such classic metal acts as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, and the Scorpions.

Vocalist James Paul Luna’s Rob Halford meets Sebastian Bach voice belts out lyrics focusing on “Chicks, Vikings, Ex-Chicks, Being Tough, Macho/Machismo, FEMA, Fabio, Conan, Rad Dinosaurs, UFOs and Bilderberg Group,” while guitarists James J LaRue and Eli Santana’s dueling solos play out like a fencing match and bassist Blake Mount and drummer Tyler Meahl gallop like a pack of wild horses. After just a handful of shows, the band landed a 2 page feature in the LA Weekly, and has planted its boot, firmly on the throat of LA’s metal scene.

Luna commented, “After months of losing our minds and shredding through many contracts and label offers, Prosthetic always stayed at the top of our list. They live and breathe the same LA Metal air we do, and know what it takes to develop a band from ground zero. Business aside, we are beyond stoked to work with guys that have the same eccentric and twisted views on music, life, art and shred. Things can only get wilder from here!”

Expect to experience a blistering stage show and to hear songs off of their debut EP, “Improper Burial,” due out this fall (which will feature 2 originals and 2 covers). The band will journey out on a west coast tour in conjunction with the release, and before they enter the studio to start their full length.

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Founded in 1998, the Los Angeles-based independent label Prosthetic Records has released nearly 100 albums during its first decade that cover practically every subgenre of metal. Highlights of the label’s catalog include Lamb of God’s seminal debut New American Gospel and their landmark follow-up As The Palaces Burn, several re-issues by thrash icons Testament and the entire discography of All That Remains. For more information, visit

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