Southern Comfort: Ready To Serve Hurricane Cocktail (30 Proof)

For those that have not had a Hurricane in the past, it is (obviously) an alcoholic drink, made with light and dark rum, simple syrup and a ton of different juices (a complete list includes passion fruit, orange, grenadine, and lime juice). The Southern Comfort iteration of this drink hovers at about 30 proof, uses whiskey instead of rum, and is one of the latest flavors in the Cocktail line (which also includes a Sweet Tea that we will be reviewing soon).

The Hurricane is simply delightful, skirting the line between alcoholic and sweetness perfectly. Where it seems that a great many of the ready-made cocktails out now just throw in a whole load of sugar to hide the taste of the sub-par alcohol that is used to create the body of the drink, the Southern Comfort Hurricane hits on all cylinders. The complexity of this cocktail may just be the most strong part of the drink, with each sip revealing a little more of everything that is present. This means that one drink may bring out cherry notes, while another may reveal the Southern Comfort that hides quite well throughout, with an orange or lime bit present soon after. Every sip is tied together with the same quality, ensuring that a very nice buzz will be going after a glass or two of this cocktail.

At under $20 for a 1.75 liter, there is no way that anyone into the experience of drinking should not pick up a bottle. Hell, two Hurricanes made for you at a bar and a tip will hit the $20 mark, and the 1.75 liter bottle serves many more. Here’s to hoping that Brown-Forman and their Southern Comfort line continue to challenge perceptions about how good a ready-made cocktail should be.

Rating: 8.8/10

Southern Comfort: Ready To Serve Hurricane Cocktail / Cocktail / 30 Proof /

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  1. Where does it get distributed near Bangor, ME. I used to find it everywhere but not it appears to be missing in action and can not find it anywhere. Can you help? Its one of the favorites in this household

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