Space Bust-A-Move (Nintendo DS)

Bust-A-Move is one of those games that practically everyone has had some experience with. It was really a casual game before everyone got into casual games, and this latest iteration in the series has ensured that a completely new generation of fans will be able to enjoy the addicting game play. This title, for the DS, immediately will hit players with vibrant colors and fun-looking character design.

Despite the fact that the title is fun enough as a pure casual game, Taito here has really kicked it up further by adding a story.
This story has players take the role of Bub or Bob, who have been tapped to protect the entirety of the universe from Devilin. Aside from continuing along with the single-player storyline, players can pit their skills against one another with the multiplayer. This allows up to four individuals to strut their stuff, and allows the different players to mess with their friends’ or family’s board. For example, a power-up makes an enemy’s launcher disappear, putting them in the dark for where exactly their bubble may be off to. The point collection aspect of Space Bust-A-Move gives further customization abilities to anyone that may want to stick with the title throughout the rest of summer.

The touch-screen controls are very intuitive, and will ensure that at no point should the player have to use the D-pad if they don’t like; just tap an arrow with your stylus or the apparatus itself and the bubble’s on its way. For those that have familiarized themselves with the different titles in the Bust-A-Move franchise, Taito has spiced things up. This is due to the presence of the cosmos bubble, which completely wipes a horizontal row off of a player’s screen. With countless hours of play, both in single and multi player modes, Space Bust-A-Move is a fun game that will stick with players for months at a time.

Rating: 8.3/10

Space Bust-A-Move (Nintendo DS) / 2009 Taito /

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