The American Dream is truly becoming a reality for this group of young and talented Cuban artists who are barely adjusting to their life in the free world. German Pinelli, his wife Ana Maria Paez and his brother Ari Pinelli recently arrived in the United States, like many others, with just a dream and their talent. Along with three other members of their band, Tirso, Magela and Maykel, 3 de la Habana decided to leave their beloved country behind with the dream of exposing their music to a greater audience.

After hurdling challenges that would make an electrifying Hollywood script, they finally made it to the United States via Mexico and within months were playing to sold-out crowds in Miami and signed a recording deal with independent label, RAFCA Records. Their latest album and first U.S. release “Llego el Momento” (The Moment is Now) hit the stores in April and continues to receive excellent reviews by both the media and the public.

The power of their music is undeniable. With a mix of Salsa, Trova, Son, and Cubaton (Cuban Reggaeton), 3 de La Habana is an explosion of energy on stage. The blending of their fresh and innovative concepts with core traditional Cuban rhythms results in a magical and special sound best described as a “ritual” which captures the audience and actually makes them part of the “throbbing” show.

For the first time since their arrival they are taking all of this to cities throughout the nation and the entire tour will be filmed for a very special documentary chronicling the group’s journey from Cuba to the land of liberty, their very own American experience. An extraordinary achievement fo.r an independent band, still adapting to the music scene in the United States between late August and early October they can be seen in about 33 cities (list below). What an opportunity for old and young, Latino or not, to celebrate our Hispanic Heritage months by sharing an exciting evening with this group of talented and energetic musicians bringing to each stage their unique harmonies and sounds, 3 de La Habana.

3 de La Habana 2009 Tour Dates


23 San Francisco, CA – Roccapulco
24 Chico, CA – California State University – Chico
26 Tempe, AZ – Club Red Rocks
27 Tucson, AZ – Sam Hughes Place
28 Tucson, AZ – Sur Real
30 Austin, TX – The Copa Bar & Grill
1 San Antonio, TX – Trinity University
2 / 3 Corpus Christi, TX – Havana Club
5 New Orleans, LA – University of New Orleans
6 Orlando, FL – The Plaza Theatre

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