Anonymity is the New Fame on Autumn Tone Records Now

Los Angeles based songwriter/ composer/ multi-instrumentalist Michael Orendy,
who performs as Frankel, returns with his stunning sophomore release Anonymity is the New Fame on Autumn Tone Records

LA Weekly calls Anonymity is the New Fame one of the 10 Best LA releases of 09 SO FAR! HERE!
“Anonymity is the New Fame, indeed. Frankel, the recording name of one Michael Orendy, is little known in LA (or anywhere). He doesn’t really play the gigging game too often, hasn’t had a residency (to our knowledge), doesn’t pound the pavement flyering for his record release. He just makes beautiful bedroom pop songs that draw from Paul McCartney, Elliott Smith, Emmit Rhodes, Jon Brion and all those other classicists who appreciate the notion of crafting the perfect song.”

You Ain’t No Picasso premiered his heavenly cover of Nick Drakes “Know”
Check out You Aint’ No Picasso !
Download HERE!

Listen to Comfortable HERE!
Live Acoustic video for Comfortable HERE!

The forthcoming release is the anticipated follow-up to Frankel’s 2007 release Lullaby for the Passersby
Available via Autumn Tone Records NOW. Available in stores Sept 1st.

Anonymity is the New Fame is a working philosophy and a way to live an artist’s and musician’s life in a world of showboaters and technological exhibitionists. It’s a way to stay yourself in a world where every sound and feeling shoved through the same narrow channels start to sound like a repetitive buzz of buzz.

Press love for Anonymity is the New Fame:
“There is still a definably Los Angeles sound in this album, and Orendy shows a lot of promise on his sophomore Frankel effort…” – LA Record

“With Frankel’s Anonymity is the New Fame, subtlety is the name of the game. Filled to the lip with fondly constructed pop and cloud-like structures, this is slow and easy stuff worth sitting under the stars for.”- Blog Critics

“Remember when they used to make albums where you had new favorite song each week? Well, they still do; it’s called Anonymity Is The New Fame. Best of 2009.”- Aquariam Drunkard

One of the most overlooked/best kept secrets in the LA scene is Frankel… Fans of literate singer-songwriters need to pick this up “.- Best of 09 So far.” -You Set the Scene

“This Frankel CD has been in my possession for a few weeks now, and it’s still in constant rotation” – Radio Free Silverlake

“It must be the doubled vocals, but there seem to be two of Michael Orendy (aka Frankel) on his sophomore album — a guy who beams proudly at his latest orchestral constructs and a guy who cherishes the safety, and anonymity, of the bedroom where you imagine he does his work…..It’s music that envelops you and seeps slowly into your pores. Recommended.” – BuzzBands

“Gently orchestrated pop that will recall a Randy Newman or Harry Nilsson yet harbors the subtle textures and atmospherics you might hear on a Grandaddy record.”- Los Angeles Times

“an absolute must for fans of Nilsson, Lennon/McCartney, et al.”- Aquarium Drunkard

“This guy is good”- When You Awake

“Frankel’s sound to the likes of Hary Nilsson and Richard Swift, but I also hear quite a bit of Elliot Smith in the sound.”
– Hear Ya

“I’m obsessed with this track from LA-based Frankel….His sound is decidedly low key and easy-going, like a sunnier, happier version of Elliott Smith.” – The OCMD

“…..both a retreat from its predecessor’s expansive, dizzying surveys of the last half-century of popular music, as well as a more nuanced exploration of mood and tone. Translation: it’s a tightly controlled, endlessly melodic disc, with songs like the piano-laced stomp-and-jaunt title track, the hazy, cough-syruped slow burn of ‘Weather Balloon,” and the irresistible grooves of the strummy “Faux Science,” crisscrossing to form a quietly dazzling pop weave that more than lives up to Lullaby’s promise.”- Web in Front:

“The unassuming singer seems quite content to lead a quiet life and let his songs speak volumes. After drawing comparisons to Newman, Lennon/McCartney, Richard Swift and Elliot Smith, it’s no secret his pen and ear are gifted, but trying to force Orendy’s songs into those overused descriptors would fall short. “- Hero Hill

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