AOL’s Spinner Premiers DARLA FARMER’s FREE Live Album!

A short time ago, Darla Farmer joined forces with Magic Hat Brewing Company and to put on a full-blown theatrical music show. Initially only viewable to the drunken crowd in attendance, released the live HD footage of the show in all its glory.

Now the band is releasing the recording of the Magic Hat Brewing Company show, appropriately titled “Live @ Mercy Lounge.” Premiered and featured on AOL’s today, the album is a 13 track trip through the madness that is Darla Farmer, hitting you with big band horn melodies, melancholy violin bridges, fuzz driven guitar breakdowns and throaty screams. With a sound as unique as Darla Farmer’s, it makes the composure of their live set all the more impressive.

Darla Farmer is comparable in some ways to genre trailblazers Cursive and Blood Brothers, but what Darla Farmer shares most with these bands is its own sense of direction and seemingly boundless creativity. Many bands have creative visions, but few execute them live as well as Darla Farmer, and this is clear in “Live at the Mercy Lounge.” Made up of horns, a violin, a piano/organ, bass, guitar, drums and a wildly wielded tambourine, Darla Farmer exhibit some of the many potentials of their eclectic ensemble.

Live @ The Mercy Lounge (FREE) Cover ArtBIO

Darla Farmer arose from the kind of disenchantment one can only experience when living in the musical mold known as Nashville. This septet is a rousing douse of musical Discordia, who makes it their goal to sonically please, displease, and please again.

Inspired by Tom Waits, The Blood Brothers, Man Man and other musical outfits alike, their arrangements include guitar, bass, drums and vocals, topped with a blasting horn section, piano and violin. Using this instrumentation to their advantage, Darla Farmer is simultaneously tumultuous and triumphant; chaotic and organized. Darla Farmer’s first full-length album, “Rewiring the Electric Forest,” (2008 Paper Garden Records) creates a musical mattress made of rock and roll springs, pop comfort, and seedy industrial firmness accentuated by a pillow of psychedelic cerebral focus. Their music leads the listener to a bedding of insightful melody, but not without the necessary turmoil to keep you up at night.

Whether the topic is apocalyptic or the distortion of history, the desperation of being stuck within the cogs of mechanical routine, or the plaguing sensations of dreams, Darla Farmer manages to marry word to sound in a beautifully grotesque matrimony that is both curiously endearing and frighteningly absurd.

Upcoming Tour Dates

10/1 – Montreal, QB @ Syndrome (Paper Garden Records music & art party)

11/14 – New York, NY @ 3rd Ward (Paper Garden Records presents: Multiverse Playground)

** More tour dates to be announced soon! ***




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