Buffalo Trace Whiskey (90 Proof)

We here at NeuFutur have had the chance of going through a number of different whiskies over the course of the time that we have had the alcohol review section active. Buffalo Trace is the newest of this spirit sent over, and what will immediately hit potential purchasers is the more classic, cowboy-themed feel to the bottle. The rich copper color of the spirit offsets the beige of the label and accents, while the black top will elicit comparisons to a 10 gallon hat.

The nose that is resent when one opens a bottle of Buffalo Trace is one that is bold and assertive, strong but not harsh, and is one that will be fondly reminiscenced about well after the bottle is finished up. When imbibers get their first chance at Buffalo Trace, what comes forth is something utterly sublime. There are rich oak and woodsy flavors immediately present, while a more caramel and dry sugar flavor is present slightly after. Despite the fact that Buffalo Trace is a value priced spirit ($19-$22 for a 750ml bottle), I would have to say that is succeeds most as a sipping spirit. Go and get some whiskey stones chilled, slide them into a glass, and sit down with a cigar or some fine music; the intricacies present in Buffalo Trace will gradually become unraveled.

The smoothness of Buffalo Trace ensure stat the spirit can also be used as something to shoot, as well; I liken the experience had with Buffalo Trace to be the same type of quality to a Knob Creek or Gentleman Jack. While the spirit works just fine in a mixed drink (Whiskey sour, whiskey and Red Bull), I feel that the mixer elements dwarf what is a sleeper hit in terms of whiskey. If you are a fan of the spirit, make it a point to pick up a bottle of Buffalo Trace. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9.0/10

Buffalo Trace (90 Proof) / Whiskey / http://www.buffalotrace.com / greatbourbon@buffalotrace.com

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