el gigante – the official guide to loss (CD)

11 songs, 1999 Tiberius Records, a 4 piece band from Cincinnati that is on this small label from just across the river (Independence, KY). El gigante is a very professionally sounding emo/indy band. Starting the CD out with “albatross”, el gigante mixes very strongly written lyrics with hard-edged guitar riffs, sounding somewhat like Edwin or the Matthew Good Band. Jim Turner’s voice is the shining beacon in the choppy sea that is created by the amazing guitar riffs on this CD> “Never Steady” is a high part of the CD due to the extremely heavy chorus and scorching guitar solo during the climax of the song. “Gunshy” begins extremely slowly, but moves into odd arrangements to add originality to the song. Honestly, various tracks off this CD would fit perfectly on Muchmusic, alongside such acts as the Tea Party and the Matthew Good Band. “Irish Twins” has an extremely different drum beat in the very complexly layered track. This CD will be enjoyed by all, from the most intellectual music aficionado to the basest top-40 listener, due to the fact that el gigante has so much to offer. The beginning strains of ‘last ride to town” evoke images of a bright summer day in a car, until the harder guitar lines come in. The vision changes a little to more exciting activities in a car, with alternate through the song. Looking through the lyric sheets, the overwhelming fact is that all of the songs on the disc seem to be about a loved one going through hard time, which may be the major reason for the name of this album. The guitars moving from calm to turbulent, may symbolize a bumpy relationship. All of these songs are radio friendly but are not pieces of pop dribble, as they combine complex melodies with seriously heavy emotions. While I sincerely wish for this band to make the big time, the sad reality is always there that they may go unknown, but I don’t see it as much a problem, as I’m sure el gigante has enough local support to become legends of Cincinnati’s Indy/Emo scene. Contact these guys at El Gigante, 3869 Isabella Ave, Cincinnati OH 45209, or go to www.el-gigante.com, email them at priley@nuco.com. If need be, call them at (513) 631-6432

Rating 8.5/10

el gigante-the official guide to loss

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