Elementary Thought Process – Everyone’s Anyone (CD)

Starting off heavily with a brooding bass line laid down by Cory and synths placed by Cian, “Blondes & Brunettes” is a wispy track, with a silence to the vocals that shows the hopelessness of the situation. While the track is beyond Spartan even after Brandon’s drums kick in, the energy exerted by the screamed-out vocals of Jacob pushes the track to the next level. The splashy nature of the drums on the second track, “The Touchdown”, obscure the vocals on the track to the degree that it becomes hard to discern exactly what is being said. Gaining some sort of bizarre harmony for “Crackling Spheres”, the punk/Replacements influence of the opening section of the track give the listener base a more complete idea of what fuels the act. The synth lead-up does a tremendous job in increasing the tension and leading into the rough and brutal guitar line that threads itself through the track. The xylophone-setting of the synthesizer provides the perfect clarity to oppose the distortion laid down by the guitars.

Creating a sense of terror with their 1:15+ lead in to the distortion-fest that is “Furrow, Sillion, Furrow”, the indie-rock style so carefully created by the band is continued and reaches its zenith at this point, mixing in an ethereal flow to a grunge-meets-Weezer style of guitar line. What is compelling for me on the disc would be the emo-tinged vocals of “In Fifty Words”, which has Elementary Thought Process break out of their comfort zone with almost metal-influenced tribal drums providing a low, primeval sound to the rarified synthesizer and guitars also found on the track. Sputtering at the beginning of “Sighing At Dessert”, it is only after the band puts their entire fire and fury into the track that gold is created; it is during these all-out, more rock-based tracks that Elementary Thought Process shines.

I came into this disc only knowing what my ex-girlfriend had told me about the band. The Ex has very shady tastes in music, but I would have to say that ey is right about liking these kids. The music, while not being bleeding-edge in any sense of the term, is extraordinarily well-crafted and able to bury itself in the niche between alternative rock and emotional rock. Interesting in its outright lack of direct influences, Everyone’s Anyone is one of few that I can honestly say did not evoke images of five or ten specific bands as I spun it for the first time.

Top Tracks: Sighing At Dessert, A Thousand Deaths

Rating : 7.3/10

Elementary Thought Process – Everyone’s Anyone / 2004 Outreach Records / http://www.elementarythoughtprocess.com / http://www.outreachrecords.net / Reviewed 18 November 2004

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