Huge NeuFutur Magazine Giveaway: DiRT 2 for the Wii and DS

Hey all NeuFutur Magazine / readers! Colin McRae’s DiRT 2 has just been released for all consoles (PSP, PS3, Wii, PC, and XBox 360) by Codemasters. For those that are familiar with the other titles in the Colin McRae Rally series, DiRT 2 represents the next evolutionary step forward in providing players with the most legit racing experience.

To begin to wind down for the week, we are offering a huge giveaway. Codemasters has graciously given us 4 copies of their new title, DiRT 2. There are two copies of the Wii and the DS title, and what we are asking that readers do should they wish to enter the contest is fire off an email to with the desired console and the address, should they win, that the game will be shipped.

As per most of our other contests, all that we ask is that there is only one entry per individual. We will contact you if you win a title, and enter quickly – the contest itself ends at the end of this month (11:59 EST, 9/30/2009).

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