Mojo Rising – Feel What You Feel (CD)

“She Woke Up To Me” has an utterly infectious sound, with a bit of synthesizers that will worm its way into listeners’ ears and reside there for months after listening to the track. The inclusion of a similarly-infectious drum line and jangly, disco-infused guitar line further elevate this track into something special. All of these pieces unite together to create the perfect foil for the soulful singing that links together Maroon 5, the Bee Gees, and even Rob Thomas in the course of a few minutes.

“Walk Away” moves away from some of the disco influence, having the band instead create a rich soul experience that will even put mainstay acts like Blues Traveler and Dave Matthews Band on attention. “Walk Away” succeeds because Mojo Rising is able to craft a larger than life feel for the track, ensuring that listeners completely involve themselves in the track. “Sooth Me and Use Me” is another great track, using a skillful trifecta of guitars, drums, and synthesizers to create a sound that bridges the seventies and today; I can definitely see these guys doing a hell of a job on the college scene. While there is a more laid-back sound during “Touch”, one need only listen to all that is going on in the track to see that the band continues to step up their game. Make sure to see how each piece interacts with the others on the track; what may seem like a simple guitar line is transformed into so much more when it is acted upon by the vocals and drums, for example. “Maybe In Another Life” is something that showcases what I feel to be Mojo Rising’s later sound.

Where the act had cut a string of tremendous tracks in their own unique style, I feel that subsequent releases will act much like a study for the band, with each track giving Mojo Rising opportunity to showcase their craft. “Feel What You Feel” is a blueprint for what bands should do with their EPs. Where it seems like now that the EP form is largely seen as a way to push a single through the inclusion of rarities or B-sides, Mojo Rising is able to distill down their sound to the space of five cuts and give listeners a number of reasons to salivate over any subsequent recordings that the boys may bash out.

Top Track: She Woke Up To Me

Rating: 8.1/10

Mojo Rising – Feel What You Feel / 2009 Self / 5 Tracks /

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