The 11th Hour-Demo (CD)

Another hardcore band, this time from the other coast-California instead of Boston. 11th hour consists of 4 people playing at breakneck speed. This band is influenced more toward the metal end of the spectrum. The screaming vocals are the perfect match for the noisy drums, performed respectively by Albert Goad and Doug Hopkins. The guitars, played by Ian Cross and Brendon Shipley, are amazingly melodic for this type of band. ?Until We Die? has Albert almost singing in an 80?s metal falsetto. A huge number of transitions for the guitar help ?Until We Die? last without becoming tepid. The song length for 11th hour is curiously short for a hardcore band, and most likely for a good reason. One of the biggest problems with a lot of the Hardcore bands is due to the abysmally long song lengths, and 11th hour continues to be fresh through all of this. ?We are good friends..? is seemingly a candidate for the Anal Cunt school of naming songs, but avoids the total inability to listen to Anal Cunt for long periods of time. In ? We are ..? a wonderful acoustic-sounding guitar solo gives way to more screaming an a much harder and melodic guitar solo. “Dead End” sees the guitars go into a much more punky vein for their licks, coupled by a receptive drumbeat. Call them at (805) 518-6990(Ask for Doug), email them at or go to

Rating 7.2 /10

The 11th Hour-Demo

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