Toy Story Mania! (Nintendo Wii)

It seems that there are some problems when titles are based off of real-life attractions. When we had our last crack at a title that was based off an amusement park, the title felt to constrained by the real life park and kept things buckled down a bit too much. However, I feel that Disney has a hit on their hands with Toy Story Mania!, a title that works off of the different rides and attractions that are present in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The number of different activities that up to four individuals can play, coupled with the further differentiation of the styles of game play utilized in these mini-games, makes Toy Stock Mania! Into a title that has legs.

The Everyone rating of the title really does mean that practically everyone can play – the controls here are intuitive enough to be easily picked up, while there is a spot-on precision to the title that ensures that no one will be slighted by the game. The story mode gives players the opportunity to hone their skills, unlocking each successfully-played level for the freeplay option. While this may lead to a little bit of repetition, there is a learning curve that will ensure that the player will emerge victorious. Whether individuals are attempting to stop Buzz and Woody from being hit with debris, attempting to shoot targets for the highest possible value, trying to hook the most fish, or any other of the numerous other activities here, there is a sense that players are honestly in the Toy Story world.

The beautifully-rendered graphics are easily the equivalent of anything that graced the screen during the feature films, while the reach audio and music here further reinforces that feeling. Toy Story Mania! Is the one title that gives me faith in the fact that amusement-park properties (and even children’s movies) can have a solid effort, and not in a “one-hit wonder” sense – it would be easy for Disney to come forth with a title using other Disneyland property that is based off this title and succeed.

Rating: 7.9/10

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