Wedlock – Continuity (CD)

After “Blameless?” is able to kick things in gear, the first track that really commanded my attention would have to be “World Machine”. In this track, a wide swath of the electronic genre is covered, whether it be “Pretty Hate Machine”-era Nine Inch Nails, Phil Collins, and New Order. While there is a decidedly eighties flair to the track, Wedlock is able to flex their muscles and make this into a track that speaks to current listening audiences.

“Octagon” has more of an industrial flare to it, but Wedlock is smart enough to come forth and tie the track’s fortunes to the downtempo and even Latin movements. What results is another track that can (and should) be a single. “Witnesses” may just be the best track on “Continuity” owing to the fact that it takes on the distinct movements touched upon during both this and previous Wedlock releases.

Wedlock has been able to evolve their own sound considerably since their earlier recordings, but at some point they still draw from the same wellspring that made their first recordings some of their most memorable. If you like any type of electronic music, make it a point to check out the Wedlock discography. If limited in time, give tracks like “Big Mistake” and “Safety” a good, long listen – you will be taken aback by what exactly Wedlock can do with the constraints of the genre. Check them out in October if you can make it out to either Raleigh (the 23rd, at Schoolkids Records) or Carrboro (31st, Hillborough Co-Op); if not, try to get them to play live in your area.

Top Tracks: Blameless?, World Machine
Rating: 8.3/10

Listen To Continuity Here
Wedlock Promo Clip For Continuity
Artwork For The Album Continuity

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