EeL – People People (CD)

EeL has an intense opening to their “People People” album that mixes amphetamine with vocal samples to come out with something that sounds like a better Dance Dance Revolution song. Immediately shown as a problem is that EeL uses a mite too much repetition to get their songs home; “EeL START IT UP!’s” 3:09 should have been condensed to make for a more effecting song. “People People” is a retooling of David Seville’s “Witch Doctor”, but EeL adds their own flair to the track when they do the equivalent of putting their finger on the record, causing the following music to slow in tempo. It really is the case that “People People” really gets rocking when EeL moves into the sub-three minute category of the songs. With this added incentive to innovate, there is little time to look back and repeat themselves endlessly.

Tracks like “A Pimavera” comes off as a perfect bit of pop, able to user tried and true arrangements but throwing in EeL’s dreamy vocals for extra measure. EeL is able to really modify the tempo and style of their compositions; the only constant on “People People” is EeL’s voice, which rarely goes beyond the dreamy, half-spoken style that individuals expect from eir. The experimental soundscape of “E simples” really moves EeL beyond their pop outlook and into serious creation of music; this diversion, however short it may be will lock in legions more fans as they realize that the band is not only possessing of one trick. By far, the most interesting artifact that is present on “People People” has to be the Irish-derived folk sound of the tenth track, a track which does not sound out of place in regards to the disc or off with this inclusion.

EeL comes out with a solid disc in “People People”, but the fact that there are two other albums that were released at a later chronological date really makes me wonder whether this is EeL’s definitive album or if Records of the Damned is going to be releasing the albums in the future. Still, the staying power of EeL is a blessing, as the style of music they play is cohesive throughout the entirety of “People People”, being pop-influenced without similarly lacking in instrumental and arrangement skills. A range of styles and sounds will buffet the listener through the course of the disc, which ends to the tremendously infectious clapping/stomping beat of the final track.

Top Tracks: 15 (Japanese Characters), A Pimavera

Rating: 6.1/10

EeL – People People / 2005 Records of the Damned / 15 Tracks / / / Reviewed 05 August 2005

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