ENEMY REIGN Set To Release New Album 2010

Denver, Colorado extreme metal troop ENEMY REIGN refuse to adhere to the restrictions of a closed-minded genre. Drawing influence from early ’90s death metal, late ’80s grindcore, East Coast hardcore, and Bay Area thrash, friends and fans have coined the term “metal for metalheads.”

ENEMY REIGN features former Skinless vocalist Sherwood Webber alongside drummer Andon Guenther (Deadspeak; creative director, programmer, and co-creator of Sick Drummer Magazine), guitarist Nick Guenther (Becoming The Enemy, Masakado) and bassist Cassie Begay (Throat Culture/Throcult, Deadspeak). The band’s recently released self-financed EP, Means To A Dead End — recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Cephalic Carnage, Martriden, Cobalt et al) — has reaped considerable praise from the media in a relatively short span of time.

Decibel called it, “death metal, the kind with big muscles and bigger t-shirts with offensive phrases in huge letters on the back;” Metal Hammer compared it to, “being repeatedly punched in the face by a ramrod. Invasive riffs and unrelenting vocals are in essence the real pull-factors to this awesome whirlwind of a mini-album that is bound to get your blood pumping and your horns in the air.” And Terrorizer added: “An admissibly ferocious, hate-filled and avenging band who have confidently taken control of their own fate… This is a hard-hitting metal release, which more than deserves to be checked out on its own accord.”

Stream Means To A Dead End in its entirety at: http://enemyreign.com (click the MP3 player at the top right of the page) and hear for yourself.

ENEMY REIGN are currently acting as their own record label but are using Means To A Dead End as a provocation to those interested in joining the fight. The band will record their as yet untitled full-length in early 2010. With touring and major distribution on the horizon, it’s time to bring the reign.


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