Europa – The Filthy Kut (CD)

It takes Europa a few minutes, but the band shows that they can play their update version of The Outlaws during “Gods of War and Peace”. I say updated, because there are hints of Ramones-like punk and other musical styles present during “The Filthy Cut”. In fact, “Passive Aggressive” starts off with a Ramones-like drum line before going into an ersatz blend of rockabilly, country, punk, and the Foo Fighters. Europa is a mixed bag, that is for sure, but one has to wonder what would happen if they had the ability to clean up their sound. Chances are that they would be able to catapult themselves into the upper echelon of rock bands with this EP, but one is unsure considering the production is a slight bit under what would be necessary for the band to achieve success.

The guitar focus on “Passive Aggressive” is solid and provides a lot of the energy which Europa feed off of for the rest of the EP, and one should see exactly how tied Europa is to their immediate predecessors, bands like Husker Du and The Replacements. The only thing that holds “Passive Aggressive” back from being a bigger success has to be the electronic fuzz that marks the end point of the track. Where the song had been shredding for almost the entirety of the song, the last little bit is marked by this. “Revolver” showcases the same skillful guitar work and brings Europa into a blend of mid nineties alternative rock (Our Lady Piece, Soundgarden, I Mother Earth) with hints of the pop punk of acts like Face to Face present at the margins. Europa is a talented act and write tracks that could definitely make it onto radio, but two problems loom large in their immediate futures. First, the aforementioned problems with the recording will have to be dealt with, and they have to find a way to ensure that more individuals tune into their music.

Europa is an act that needs to both be checked out on the studio album and live, as I am sure (without seeing them live) that they bring even more in the way of energy to whatever venue that they are playing at. Go to their Myspace and pay them for a copy of “The Filthy Kut”; one will not be disappointed in the quality of music that soon comes blasting through the purchaser’s speakers.

Top Track: Revolver

Rating: 7.4/10

Europa – The Filthy Kut / 2006 Self / 8 Tracks / / / Reviewed 26 January 2007


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