Everybody Else – S/T (CD)

The band starts off their self-titled disc with “Meat Market”, a track that is interesting to me as it seems as if the band is holding back some of the energy and fury that should be present. What results is a track that has a very current type of indie allure but is based heavily on the rock of the sixties. Hints of “That Thing You Do is present throughout “Meat Market”. Interestingly enough, there is not the angularity present in Everybody Else that a number of bands that attempt to call forth the same style have; Everybody Else is pushing for their own sound from the earliest strains of this album.

The same holding back of energy is present during “Faker”, but the band is able to refine their sound to allow this track to easily be picked up on radio station. What results is something that feels as if a nineties alternative band is trying to recall the spirit of the aforementioned sixties act. This means that Everybody Else take up hints of acts like Barenaked Ladies, Dishwalla, Harvey Danger and even Soul Asylum before finding their Turtles albums. The band gains some energy during “I Gotta Run”, but does not change up the style that worked so well for them on the previous tracks on this album. The poppy sound of the vocals are punctuated by loud drums and guitars that come forth at all the right times. Everybody Else may not be the most famous band at this juncture, but the act has already shown fans that they are willing to come up with a style that may not be normally loved and put an entirely new approach to it.

This move has the benefit of allowing later bands to appreciate the style, as well as distinguishing Everybody Else from all the other acts on the market. It also allows the band to show off their technical virtuosity, as evidenced in the track “ I Gotta Run”, where the guitar is broken out for a sizzling solo. The drums are given the same spot later in the track to shine. Everybody Else is yet another band on The Militia Group that are at the bleeding edge, and it should only be a matter of time before the act is able to become even more well known in the minds and hearts of music listeners all across the world. Just stick the disc into a player, turn it to “In Memoriam”, and just try not to love the band.

Top Tracks: In Memoriam, Meat Market

Rating: 7.3/10

Everybody Else – S/T / 2007 The Militia Group / 12 Tracks / http://www.everybody-else.com / http://www.themilitiagroup.com / Reviewed 06 April 2007


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