Excitebike – 2000 demo (CD)

Okay, I’m thoroughly surprised with what I hear on this disc. I was expecting very tepid, warmed-over pop-punk, bu I get this really well done indierock. I always whine about how I don’t review CDs in a timely matter, but I’ve had this CD for about a year and a half. I’m horrible. The band really seems to switch styles between a Osceola/At the Drive-In sound and something near what is commonly considers Indie-Pop music. All and all, this makes for a very catchy, if not predictable album. The instrumentation for excitebike is such that they do not tend to stick to the typically thought-of stylings for their genre, and they definitely use two-part harmonies for good use during some songs. I only wish that they exploited that tactic a little more than they did on the CD. The recording on this disc is also variable, so some tracks will sound semi-professional and then some will sound if they were recorded on a portable tape recorder. It just gets a tad hard to keep switching model in trying to discern all the nuances of this band with these constant interruptions in the sound. If you want to get a copy of this CD, go to www.exbike.com.

Excitebike – 2000 demo

Rating : 6.0/10.

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