Existi-Thoughts Conceived among Decaying Dreams (CD)

8 song tape of Death Metal/HC from Glendale, AZ. Throaty vocals mix perfectly with extremely speedy guitar and drum beats. The recording on this tape is a little muted, but the pure aggression that this band is capable of is definitely noticeable. Existi has times where the guitar riffs find a little harmony, moving into the Goth/Black Metal subgenre. The bass is very pronounced on this album, playing around during the sword-like guitar riffs. Existi can also change the tempo in which they play their songs, further adding points in the talent column.. For this tape being 3 years old, the music contained on the tape has definitely aged well with time, totally kicking ass and taking names. Existi is another band that I wish would include a lyric sheet, as I have almost no clue what they are saying at any one given time. During each song however, a wonderful urge to most comes over me. Well, maybe it just is because I’ve really got to take a piss. Either way, Existi are very much worth it to listen to. At times, Existi sounds like Cannibal Corpse or Gospel of the Horns. Other times they sounds more melodious, like Paradise Lost and Blind Guardian. But the one thing that is constant when you talk about Existi is the fact that they are worth the time to search them out, with “Burning Nations” as a song, who can go wrong? No part of this band is weak, further cementing the respect that I have for these guys. Go to www.go.to/existi.

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One thought on “Existi-Thoughts Conceived among Decaying Dreams (CD)”

  1. I wonder what tape this is you are referring to. I have their cd “Vein and Wire” complete with lyrics if you’re interested

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