Fifth Nation – Flight (CD)

“Thanks for the Gametes” is a vocal-heavy track, with instruments entering into the equation during all the right places; while little more is present here than a guitar and light percussion, the resulting track is substantive and compelling. The band gives the instrumental side of things a little more time in the sun with “Far As Sky Can Tell”, a track that is one great example of the band’s dynamic nature. Where the different elements in the track (vocals, drums, guitars) may seem to be working at cross-purposes at first blush, Fifth Nation is able to create something beautiful out of a noisy din that threatens to engulf the CD.

The band’s composition goes in and out of focus in a way that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats, while not seeming disjointed in the slightest. “Could You Ever” has a very slinky, breathy sound to it that gives Fifth Nation a very distinct sound. The multi-layered approach that the band takes during this track takes on eighties gothic, jazz, and even seventies rock genres. The vocals are hauntingly brilliant, working both as a narrative and harmony-bearing instrument here. “Future” represents an oddity in music in that it is a late-album effort that challenges even the opening salvos in terms of overall quality and scope.
Where the vocals have typically resided in a dominant position, the tight instrumentation here operates as an equal on “Future”.

This leads to a hard-hitting and intense little track that will stick with listeners well after the song (and the rest of the album) wraps up. Fifth Nation has done everything that they could conceivably have wanted to do on “Flight”; they have established a bold, unique sound, they have linked it to previous masters in music, and they have continued to impress throughout the entirety of this album. If you would like to hear a new take on music, go and hear what exactly Fifth Nation is trying to do; I think you will appreciate “Flight” as much as I did.

Top Tracks: Thanks for the Gametes, Fate Is Nothing

Rating: 8.4/10

Fifth Nation – Flight / 2009 Self / 11 Tracks /

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