Girl Talk influence gets felt — check out the next mash-up master, Ethan Ward aka E-603.

Check out Wikipedia for the massive list of samples on Torn Up:

“BLAHBLAHBLAH, just fucking download it. Best mash-up artist out there.” – The Hidden Playlist.

Taking the gauntlet laid down by Girl Talk and sharpening it even further, the response to Ethan Ward (aka E-603)’s Torn Up has been tremendously positive in the short time since it’s recent completion and instant release — overnight, three tracks from the record were lodged in the Hype Machine’s top five list.

Torn Up contains over 280 samples from the past six decades, and also includes some music composed by Ethan himself. Live, Ethan masterfully mixes about 500 samples together into one party anthem entirely on the spot.

Over the past two years E-603 has made thousands of people dance their brains out, playing alongside The Cool Kids, Yo La Tengo, The Hood Internet and more. Ethan has traveled all over the United States with live shows that have only gotten more and more intense while continuing to feel like an intimate house party. See for yourself when Ethan plays shows throughout the U.S. from the late summer into the fall.

“Oh shit, son. E-603 just released a masterpiece of a mash-up album… It’s like ‘Where’s Waldo’ for your ears, really. – Under The Rotunda

Incredible Moments to “sample” from E‐603’s Torn Up:

“Lights Out” (0:38 – 1:02) [Samples: Bobby Dazzler, Head Bussas, La La, Pony] | “If You Wanna” (2:25 – 3:45) [Samples – 1000 Miles, Anti Up, Between Love and Hate] | “Dirtbag Baby” (2:45 – 3:43) [Samples – Torn, Hombre, Bust It Baby] | “Push ‘Em Up” (1:45 – 2:33) [Samples – Party Anthem, Little Secrets, Shorty Bounce] | “Let It Bump” (2:50 – 3:30) [Samples – Ants Marching, New Work Out Plan, Galang] | “Keep It Cool” (1:37 – 2:23) [Samples – Kids, Just Dance] | “Do Your Thang” (1:06 – 2:05) [Samples – Wild Thang, I Kissed a Girl, Gimme Gimme Gimme] | “Feel Me Now” (2:28 – 3:25) [Samples – Viva La Vida, Icebox, Get It]

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