Ni Hao, Kai-Lan – Kai-Lan Carnival (DVD)

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan is, for those who have not watched the show, a Nickelodeon effort that It finally seems as if some children’s companies are getting the fact that parents do not want to go out and spend $20 for the equivalent of two episodes. This DVD contains four episodes – the titular one, Lulu Day, Roller Rintoo, and Wait, Hoho, Wait. To top that, there are a few bonus features that will keep kids and their parents busy, including the Balloon Race Carnival Game. However, what may be the best presence in this title are the different emotions and skills that Kai-Lan presents all that may be viewing.

This means that there are decidedly good lessons brought to viewers during “Kai-Lan’s Carnival”, as responsibility for one’s actions is touted as a virtuous behavior, while “Roller Rintoo” shows individuals that it is okay to use other individuals to conquer one’s fears. The most poignant of the episodes has to be the aforementioned “Wait Hoho, Wait”, as it teaches viewers that patience is what is needed to ensure that one can enjoy the finer things. For those that have burned through their copy of Kai-Lan’s Carnival, the other DVDs in the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan set (Super Special Days, Kai-Lan’s Great Trip To China) all provide similar strong and intelligent methods to teach even the youngest in one’s family.

The Kai-Lan’s Carnival DVD will be a perfect Christmas or holiday purchase as well, as there is a timelessness present in each of the episodes that does not date or otherwise sully what is a great lineup of four episodes. This is a must-buy for anyone that is looking to get into the show or just wants to have a goodly portion of the episodes present in DVD format for easy dissemination.

Rating: 8.2/10

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan – Kai-Lan Carnival / 2009 Nickelodeon / 99 Minutes /

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