The Curious Mystery tour the Midwest and East Coast

The vast, sweeping distances implied on Rotting Slowly, the debut album by The Curious Mystery, will be the landscape across which the band will traverse this fall. The Curious Mystery will bridge the expanse separating the coasts to bring their unique blend of psychedelic Americana and garage experimentalism to new audiences. Listeners on the East Coast and in the Midwest will be exposed to the unorthodox song structures and textured sounds found in the tangled, sonic web of Rotting Slowly.

Two tracks from Rotting Slowly (showcasing their dual vocalists) can be heard at this link:

“The Curious Mystery traverses oceans and nations with its intoxicating psychedelia …completely engrossing.”
– Seattle Weekly

“The Curious Mystery a fearless willingness to wander into extended instrumental passages, and at least two guitarists who like to explore the fretboard. They like to jam, basically, but not in a navel-gazing way; more like in a Television/Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd kind of way.”
– LA Weekly


Oct 27, 2009 – Buffalo, New York
Sugar City – w/ LAKE and Karl Blau

Oct 28, 2009 – Somerville, Massachusetts
PA’s Lounge –

Oct 29, 2009 – Portland, Maine
Geno’s –

Oct 30, 2009 – New York City, New York
Zebulon’s –

Nov 1, 2009 – Washington, DC
Comet Pizza and Ping Pong –

Nov 2, 2009 – Charlottesville, Virginia
Twisted Tea Branch Bazaar – w/ LAKE

Nov 3, 2009 – Charlotte, North Carolina
Yau Haus –

Nov 4, 2009 – Asheville, North Carolina
Bobo Gallery –

Nov 5, 2009 – Bloomington, Indiana
The Bishop –

Nov 6, 2009 – St. Louis, Missouri
Lemmons –

Nov 7, 2009 – Denver, Colorado
Meadowlark –

Nov 9, 2009 – Salt Lake City, Utah
The Urban Lounge –

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