The Everyothers – Pink Sticky Lies (CD)

The Everyothers play a style of rock that is not immediately reconcilable to the rest of the rock bands out on the market. For example, during “Too Far”, there is a definite psychedelic influence that makes itself known but the bulk of the track is a blend of the B-52s and The Offspring. This interesting blend makes for something that is new and fresh for the music scene, something that does try to just conform to a style that is popular at the time.

In this sense, The Everyothers succeed in gaining a new listener base as well as being artistically solid. Where the sound of the band might be markedly different from the rest of the music out on the market, what individuals of all stripes will have to appreciate are the impressive guitar work done during the entirety of this EP. The guitars are not just something repetitious, laid down so that individuals will feel like the track is full, but rather are put onto the track to modify the mood of the listener. The vocals step up to a more major role for “Dive With You”, in that the slightly-yelled out vocals elicit thoughts of the seventies arena rock bands.

The fact that the band can voluntarily go into wide open spaces, meander and still have the full attention of listeners is a testament to their talent as a band; The Everyothers do not need to stick to a game plan to keep individuals listening. Where there were a few tracks previous on this disc that had a seventies flair to them, it is only during “Something Wrong” that the band really moves into that style. “Something Wrong” still mixes in some punk-infused riffs to the general sound of the track, but the entire feel of the track is something that fans of Boston as well as Sum 41 can dig. The slightly less driven style of the title track shows listeners that The Everyothers can drastically change their style and sound both as solid as they had on previous parts of the disc as well as convincing during this track. The Everyothers are a band that follow their own drumbeat, and to categorize them in one certain genre would be to sell them short. Honestly, this band has something for everyone and it will be interesting to see in which direction the band takes their full-length.

Top Track: Something Wrong

Rating: 6.4/10

The Everyothers – Pink Sticky Lies / 2006 Kill Rock Stars / 5 Tracks / / / Reviewed 22 May 2006


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