Theory of Tides – Theory of Tides (CD)

“Unsure” seems to exist in a weird space between the eighties New Romantic movement and the current backing instrumentation that signers like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Mirana’s vocals further establish Theory of Tides as a truly special act, one that can use the widest possible swath of approaches to create the music heard here. “Karaoke” is Theory of Tides’ first bone fide hit, with cohesion abounds between the instrumental and vocal sides of the act. This results in a track that rides a groove while Mirana’s vocals clue listeners into a wonderfully detailed narrative.
“No Stone Unturned” speeds things up substantially, while taking on a sound that is influenced by early Pet Shop Boys and Madonna. The vocals may be the leading feature during the track, but one cannot discount the synthesizers and percussion as less important. The atmosphere that these elements create is integral to properly contextualize the vocals; Theory of Tides have another interesting and intelligently-crafted track in this. Theory of Tides continues to innovate with their “Dark Side”; the Switchblade Symphony meets Stevie Nicks sound to the lyrics here is made the more haunting through the inclusion of additional vocal layers.

“Elated” comes forth with a wind-swept sound that, while rooted in an eighties dance style seems to touch the “futuristic” sound of a “Mr. Roboto” or “Subdivisions”-era Rush. For my money, “Elated” may just be the best track on this self-titled release due to the distance between the different influences that are tapped here. Theory of Tides, and this album specifically, should be seen as a blueprint for how to properly incorporate disparate genres of music into one cogent sound.

More so, Theory of Tides is able to come forth with their own unique sound, no matter how active or audible these other influences may be. While the dominant sound here would have to appeal most to those into dance, ambient, or electronic music, I feel that the fourteen compositions here are done with enough care and love to appeal to anyone that gives the disc a fair shake.

Top Tracks: Chemistry of Tears, This Storm

Rating: 8.7/10

Theory of Tides- Theory of Tides / 2009 Sonic Release / 14 Tracks / /

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